Friday, 8 April 2011

Public Space :: Espacio Público (IV)

Parker Pearson, Michael, Richards, Colin (2005) Architecture & Order. Approaches to Social Space. London: Routledge

According to Rapoport (1980:298), environments are thought before they are built. Equally, we build in order to think and act (Preziosi 1983). The relationship is essentially dynamic and reflexive. Winston Churchill said that ‘first we shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us’. This relationship is dynamic, subtle and complex since the effects of environment are not direct, passive or readily predictable (Holahan 1978:1). Giddens’ theory of structuration (for example 1984) has provided a useful conceptual approach: social structures (as embodied in traditions and social rules) have a dialectical relationship with human actions. Structures are both the medium and the outcome of social practices (e.g. Duncan 1985; Pader 1988). They are modified continually as the actions that constitute them change.


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