Saturday, 15 January 2011

Interviews / Entrevistas

Relevant interviews to relevant architects
Entrevistas relevantes a arquitectos relevantes

Bernard Tschumi, Enrique Walker (2004) "Avant-Propos: Bernard Tschumi in Conversation with Enrique Walker"
Grey Room, No. 17, pp. 118-126. The MIT Press.

Nader Vossoughian (2003) "Interview with Bernard Tschumi: On Designing an Architectural Education"

John H. Holloway, John A. Weil, Josef Albers (1970) "A Conversation with Josef Albers"
Leonardo, Vol. 3, No. 4, pp. 459-464. The MIT Press.

Peter Eisenman (2008) "Seis puntos"
Casabella, N° 769, pp 3‐5.

Kenneth Frampton, Stan Allen, Hal Foster (2003) "A Conversation with Kenneth Frampton"
October, Vol. 106, pp. 35-58. The MIT Press.

Paul Rudolph (1986) "Excerpts from a Conversation"
Perspecta, Vol. 22, Paradigms of Architecture, pp. 102-107. Yale School of Architecture.

James Stirling (1967) Conversation with Students
Perspecta, Vol. 11, pp. 91-93. Yale School of Architecture.

Cesar Pelli (1982) "Excerpts from a Conversation"
Perspecta, Vol. 19, pp. 127-137. Yale School of Architecture.

Beatriz Colomina and Peter Smithson (2000) "Friends of the Future: A Conversation with Peter Smithson"
October, Vol. 94, The Independent Group, pp. 3-30. The MIT Press.

Scott Wheland Wall (2009) "Common Ground. An Interview with Juhani Pallasmaa"
Journal of Architectural Education, pp. 75–79.

Phillipe Barriere, Sylvia Lavin, Denise Scott Brown, Robert Venturi (1997) "Interview with Denise Scott Brown and Robert Venturi"
Perspecta, Vol. 28, Architects. Process. Inspiration, pp. 126-145. The MIT Press on behalf of Perspecta.

George Dodds (2006) "Interview with Robert A.M. Stern"
Journal of Architectural Education, pp. 61–64.

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